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AVOD Western Channel Grjngo is now available on Google Play

Grjngo - Western Movies launches his own app on Google Play Store. Users from North America can now download the Grjngo app for free and watch western films such as Warlock starring Henry Fonda, My Name is Shanghai Joe or Companeros starring Franco nero in full length legally and for free.

AVOD channel operator Amogo Networx ( operates the worldwide largest network of full movie channels on YouTube, covering more than 2 million subscribers spread over 12 full length AVOD movie genre channels.

The Grjngo Android app is the next step of AVOD movie service operator AMOGO NETWORX of expanding it's reach beyond YouTube. AMOGO NETWORX is a subsidiary of the German TRIAS MEDIA GROUP (, a film distribution holding that also owns the largest German AVOD movie channel operator SPOTFILM NETWORX (

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